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Tailored business plan as unique as your business from just $479.

At bpwriting we create better, effective and affordable tailored and for new (startup) and ongoing businesses and non-profits. Your plan and financial forecast will be written by expert consultants with more than 20 years of experience, who have Master of Business Administration (MBA) and are specialized in Finance, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation.

Through disruptive innovation we have managed to lower costs, improve response time and raise industry quality standards.


Whatever your needs may be, such as fundraising, applying for bank & SBA loans, applying for a Visa in the US, among others, we create a deliverables to achieve your ultimate goal. We deliver better, effective and affordable tailored professional-written in a timely manner. Therefore, we have created a step-by-step, easy-to-use, secure, and friendly platform, allowing you to interact with the team assigned to your plan, contact customer service, submit requests, review progress, communicate with your business writer, and much more along the entire process of the development of your plan.

Unlike other services, bpwriting allows you to review each step along the process prior to the delivery of the final version of your plan.



There are moments when you don’t have the time to wait until the business plan is ready in order to evaluate whether your new business is financially feasible, or simply you don’t have the budget to pay for a plan. Whatever your case is, you just want to know the numbers, projections and forecasts based on the information at hand in order to make a decision.

At bpwriting we can also create a financial simulation using three possible scenarios: Pessimistic, Conservative and Optimistic. Once you have these results, you will be able to make a decision based on numbers and not on intuition.

Custom-Made Financial Forecast (5-year Projections) for just $399.



In only 4 simple steps!

Professional Business Plan - Step 1


As soon as you get access to our platform, you will be able to fill out a short questionnaire based on the type of plan you want us to create for you. You will have the freedom to provide all of the information requested at your own pace. In this step any of our professionals may ask you some questions, if necessary. Once you have provided the information, we will able to continue on the next step.

Professional Business Plan - Step 2

Financial Forecast

With the information provided, we will create all the financial tables of your plan (i.e. startup table, past-performance table, profit and loss table, cash flow table, balance sheet table, among others). In this step you will be able to request changes and interact with the designated experts assigned to your plan. Once you are satisfied with the financial forecast, you will be able to approve this step and move on.

Professional Business Plan - Step 3


With the financial forecast ready, the content generators will be able to create the body of the . You will be able to interact with your designated experts and request changes as needed. Once you are satisfied with the content, you will approve and move on to the final step of the process.

Professional Business Plan - Step 4


With the financial forecast and content of the plan ready, the Quality Assurance Department and a Graphic Designer will create the final deliverables of your . Once completed, you will be able to download your plan in two formats: PDF and MS Word. That’s simple!

Better, Effective and Affordable!

Our Custom-Made Proprietary Secure Platform

At bpwriting we believe in technology, which is why we have created a custom-made software solution. Our platform guarantees all your data is secured so you don’t have to worry. As a customer, you need to know all of the details around the creation process of your business plan or financial forecast, for this reason we have created a custom-made platform which allows you interact with our professionals (financial experts, content generators, graphic designers, QA’s and more), to monitor their progress, and to review your plan or your financial forecast along the way, in just a few clicks! This state-of-art platform is highly reliable, secure and user friendly, and it was made using the latest software technology.

At bpwriting we have listened to our clients in order to create what they have asked for, and we are committed to continue improving our platform adding new functionalities. We are applying “machine learning” algorithms to the “big data” (a lot of information) generated by the platform itself to evaluate new and existing functionalities, in order to make them better, effective and easier to use.

What is the platform for?

Unlike other services -where the communication process is made via email, we have this state-of-art platform as a tool to allow a smooth communication between our clients and the experts assigned to their plans. This platform also keeps all the information organized and the process efficiently managed. With this platform our clients will be able to review each step along the process prior to the delivery of the final version of the plan.

Note that we also offer phone communication.

Ready to start?

With bpwriting, having a professional business plan better, effective and affordable isn’t just possible — it’s easy.


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